Driving Class Packages

Virtual Driving Program:

Basic Package:

$98/half-hour session

Advanced Package:

$479/5 hours

Premium Package:

$899/20 hours

In-car Driving Lessons All lessons are 40 mins in length

Single Lesson:


Three Lesson Package:

$375 Save $5

Seven Lesson Package:

$595 Save $25

Ten Lesson Package:

$730 Save $70

Fifteen Lesson Package:

$1,125 Save $125

1-Hour Highway Lesson:

$140 1 hour in-car session

Virtual + In-Car Driving Packages:

Virtual + In-Car 3 Lessons Package:

$499 Save up to $48

Virtual + In-Car 7 Lessons Package:

$869 Save up to $96

1-Hour Virtual + In-Car Highway Lesson Package:

$179 Save up to $21

Individual instruction • Weekend classes available • Use of our vehicles for all sessions • Free home, dorm, school, and work pickup and drop-off
Convenient lesson and road test scheduling • Female instructors upon request


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Why Choose Honey Bee's?

Our mission is to put our students on the pathway to driving success, giving them the instructions, tools, training and time to develop them to be safe, defensive and composed drivers in all road conditions.

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What Our Students Are Saying

  • I was very impressed with the quality and cost of the service I received here. When my child is ready to learn how to drive, I will be taking him to Honey Bee’s Driving School too. I would definitely trust any of their instructors with my child, as they all clearly care very deeply about their clients’ safety and learning needs. 1000% suggest Honey Bee’s!

  • Brandi is a one of a kind business owner and driving instructor. Professional and knowledgeable. We wanted to get driving lessons for my son. My son always felt comfortable and confident when driving with Brandi. He passed his driving test today!!!! Highly highly recommend.

    Melinda S.
  • It was a pleasure, I will definitely refer everyone here. I enjoyed the experience.

    Tawiah P.
  • After one lesson with Honey Bees my son's confidence grew. It's the best feeling in the world to see your child overcome their fear and take on new responsibilities as big as driving.
    Thank you for properly educating my son in the art of driving and assisting him in his first steps towards independence. You've giving our family growth!

    Kiki C.
  • My driving instructor, Brandi, was really professional. She helped me so much! Because of her, I passed my test on the first try. She told me what to expect and what to do. I'm so thankful for her!

    Neeka C.
  • Brandi showed positive communication and was quite professional. She is an excellent teacher and made learning how to drive extremely simple and relaxing.

    Andrew P.
  • This school has helped me with getting my license and now I can focus on my future career.

  • Very Excellent driving school, if it wasn’t for Brandi I wouldn’t be driving now , she has a lot of patience and teaches you everything you need to know.

    Monica C.
  • From our first lesson to the day of the road test, the instructor, BRANDI, was friendly and made me and my comfort a significant priority for her. I can tell her that this is something that she’s very passionate about. Brandi’s passion was exhibited through the patience that she showed me when I struggled to grasp parallel parking or when I got too anxious. Because of her...

    Camara's Place
  • Love Brandi so much shes an amazing instructor! if it wasnt for her id be riding a bicycle.

  • Honey Bees helped me tremendously in getting me ready for my road test, and with their help I did pass and am now a licensed driver. The instructors are very patient, calm, collected and understanding of potentially limiting situations, they don’t get angry or upset and in my experience were as respectful as possible at all points. I’d absolutely recommend them to anybody who needs this type of course.

    Brandon G
  • A excellent driving instructor. She puts you at ease the moment you get nervous behind the wheel. You will pass on your first try with Honey Bees Driving School.

    Mouse M.
  • I chose Honey Bee’s Driving School because I wanted to support a woman-owned minority business. Honey Bee’s did not let me down. I waited until the last minute every step of the way because dealing with the DMV is not fun, but Brandi supported me throughout the entire process. Not only did she give me helpful advice, but she encouraged me to continue with my online pre-licensing class, giving me the support I needed to get my road test over with. I highly recommend Honey Bee’s Driving School to anyone...

  • Brandi is cool people's she seems to care about her students and will work with you and takes her profession seriously.

  • Best driving school Ever!!!! Ms.Brandi is an amazing person to work with and a great teacher. Honey Bees driving school not only teach you the basic to driving but they go above and beyond with their teaching and lessons. Today I PASSED my road test thanks to this driving school. I would recommend that if you are trying to get your license; go through Honey Bees driving schools.

  • I am very pleased w Honey Bees. Brandi has been wonderful and communicates quickly with me if I have any questions. She has been very accommodating and professional. My son gained a lot of confidence taking lessons.

    Heather T.
  • Let’s just say before I started lessons here I was a very anxious driver, however with each lesson I got more and more confident with driving and today I passed my road test! I highly recommend honey bees driving school especially for more of the anxious drivers out there.

    Jennygirl 268
  • Great driving school and instructor - a very kind and good teacher! Would highly recommend!!

  • Honey Bees driving school has made me a more confident driver in only a couple lessons. Before I started with them, I had only driven a few times. I avoided it like the plague. Being on the road terrified me more than anything, there was so much to focus on and it stressed me out. After my first few lessons, I felt more confident driving on the road, especially with other people. I was given skills and tips to gain the confidence needed to feel like a safe and responsible driver. I look forward to my lessons because I know...

    Brianna W
  • We are VERY pleased with Honey Bee's Driving School! Brandi has been amazing! After just 2 lessons, we have already noticed an incredible difference in our son's driving. We have seen an amazing impact on his defensive driving skills. Scheduling and flexibility have been tailored to our son's needs. The best part, pickup and drop off right to our door. We cannot say enough on how grateful we are to have found Honey Bee’s Driving School!!

    Melissa M
  • Schedule class with Honey Bees and the hands on help they provided helped me so much. My biggest fear is parallel parking I don’t wont to hit anyone cars trying to park but Honey Bees worked with me and was very patient with me. I took my road test today and you guessed it I PASSED!!!! Im so excited. So for that I give her 10 stars.

    Kamil J.
  • lessons were safe and professional. i felt very comfortable driving and it prepared me for my roadtest. would recommend :) my instructor was very friendly and helpful


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